How do I buy Ethereum?

Learn how to purchase Ethereum, either on Authic or from an exchange. Step by step beginner friendly explanation.

You will need Ethereum (ETH) in a self-custodial wallet or our custodial wallet to bid on auctions, or to buy the assets outright on the Authic marketplace platform. 

Remember to consider a small transaction fee (gas fee) needs to be paid for every transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each site will have a slightly different process, we'll explain how to use Coinbase as an example of buying ETH.*

*you can also find a step by step guide here on their website

Purchasing Ethereum (ETH) directly on Authic:

We've partnered with BTCDirect to support fiat (EUR, USD, etc.) payments for Ethereum.

We are the first NFT marketplace to support iDEAL payments because of this partnership, which is very convienent for our Benelux (BE, NL, LUX) users!

Here's a screenshot of the interface you'll see if you purchase Ethereum through BTCDirect directly on the Authic website:

BTCDirect Intergration UI - Authic

Purchasing Ethereum (ETH) from an exchange: (Coinbase)

  1. Sign in or create an account with the exchange. If this is your first time setting up an account, you will also want to add a payment method. Do this as soon as you can, as it can sometimes take 1-2 business days for a payment method to be verified by the exchange.

  2. Select the option to Buy (in Coinbase, this is Buy / Sell on the upper right-hand side)

  3. Click the Buy field to select ETH from the list

  4. Enter the amount you'd like to buy denominated in crypto or your local currency.

  5. Select your payment method.

  6. Click Preview Buy to confirm your purchase. If you need to make a change before doing so, most exchanges allow you to click the back arrow and make any desired edits.

  7. If the details are correct, click Buy to complete your purchase.

Sending the Ethereum (ETH) to your wallet

  1. Once you've purchased ETH on an exchange, it's time to send it to your wallet. In order to do this, you'll need to copy your public wallet address.
  2. Within most wallets, this can be done by  clicking on the account name. ETH addresses always start with "0x" and are what you use to register an account with Authic
  3. Once you've copied your public ETH address, navigate to the Send/Receive section on the exchange you purchased your ETH.

  4. On Coinbase, for example, this is located in the top right: paste your address, the amount of ETH you'd like to send to it, and press "Continue".
  5. Make sure to always check the adres of the wallet that it matches!
  6. Once accepting the transaction, the amount of ETH will show up in you wallet. Now you are able to buy art on Authi