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How do I sell my art on Authic

A guide on how to sell art on Authic and the different approaches we provide.

On Authic, there are multiple options for selling your NFTs and ultimately getting paid for the sales:
  1. Buy Now: Set a Buy Now price to encourage anyone to acquire your NFT—instantly.
  2.  Offers: All your NFTs will be available for Offer on Authic. If a buyer comes in with a decent offer, it might be worthwhile to accept it.
  3.  Auctions: List your NFT in a  Auction, sit back, and wait for a collector to bid on the artwork where the highest bidder wins.


1. Buy Now

Buy Now allows you to set a fixed price for the sale of an NFT you have created or collected. Once the right buyer comes along, the sale is immediate and you earn ETH for the NFT instantly. Set the price and confirm it in your wallet and pay the required gas fees and your NFT is setup for sale!
note: Once you set your buy now price, any collector can purchase the NFT to have it immediately transferred to them and you’ll instantly receive the ETH for the sale. 


2. Offers 

On Authic, all Offers are on-chain transactions. At any time, offers have a 12-hour countdown window before expiring. Once you receive an Offer, make sure to accept it within this timeframe if you would like to accept the offer. You don’t have to take any additional steps to set up your NFTs for Offers.
note: When an offer expires or a higher offer is placed, a refund will be sent to the prospective buyer’s offer balance.

3. Auction (Reserve)

Authic uses a Reserve auction and works like this: To begin, the seller has to set a minimum price in ETH. When a bid equals or exceeds the minmum ETH price wanted by the seller, a countdown will start. If the countdown is compleet the highest bidder wil receive the NFT in question and the ETH will be transferred to the wallet of the initial seller.

note:  there is a difference between bids and offers:

  • Bids are offers that are made within an active auction.

  • Offers are open-ended offers that collectors can make on any piece that is not under auction. An offer is essentially a collector saying, "Hey, you may not be intending to sell this work, but in case you are, here's my offer for it."

If you hesitate what way is the best possible way for you to sell your NFT, go to the learning page.