How do I buy a NFT

After setting up your wallet, connecting it on Authic and added ETH into it: you are ready to buy!

Buying a NFT on Authic is easy! After setting up all previous steps you can now browse the marketplace and search for your favorite artist or artwork. There are different possible ways to buy the desired NFT. 

The first way is a "Buy Now" function. The seller has a fixed price and if you agree to pay that price you just press the button right under the NFT saying "Buy Now". You will follow the directed steps with your MetaMask wallet. 

Another way is to bid on a NFT. Instead of the  "Buy now button" there is a "Bid" button. You press it and then place your desired bid. note that you need the ETH already in your wallet. If the seller agrees to accept your offer you receive the NFT and the ETH will be transferred to the initial seller.