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How can I sell art on the Authic marketplace

How you can sell art and how you need to set up for becoming an artist on Authic.

To be able to sell art on Authic, you first need to be curated and accepted. Authic's marketplace is not open-sourced meaning that not everyone is able to upload art on the platform. If you want to apply to be an artist you can do that here.

Curation process

If you choose to fill in the form to become an artist, first you have to specify what kind of artist you are (digital, physical or musician). After uploading your work the curation process starts. The application process usually takes 3-5 weeks due to the high number of artists applying. If you don’t get an answer back in that timeframe, you should assume that you have not been approved.

Curated Authic Artist

If selected and approved to sell on the Authic marketplace you go to the marketplace and upload your artwork, really easy. Note that still green light has to be given just to control you didn't accidentally uploaded the wrong file or the wrong art.