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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A summary of the most common questions regarding Authic, cryptocurrency, NFTs or other relevant topics.

 Can I just sign up and list my art?

No, you need to sign up using our submission form, our experienced curators will consider every application.

You'll need to wait until this process has been completed to get your approval (or denial).

Why is a wallet required to sign up?

Authic currently only supports Ethereum as a currency for purchasing any digital assets.

You have two options regarding your wallet, self-custodial (like MetaMask), or use our custodial wallet implementation.


What is WETH / Wrapped Ethereum? (How do I use WETH)

WETH is "Wrapped Ethereum".

  • We use WETH on Authic to allow users to make pre-authorized bids, without requiring further action from the bidder at a later date.
  • One Wrapped Ethereum ($WETH) will always match the price of one regular Ethereum ($ETH).
  • Both can be exchanged for each other, the simplest method of exchanging WETH <-> ETH is by using our Uniswap intergration, directly on Authic.

    Here's a UI screenshot of the Uniswap intergration on Authic:
    Uniswap intergration preview on Authic