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How do I safely use Discord, and secure my account or server?

Learn easy account security tips, and what you should watch out for when using Discord! (on Crypto/NFT servers)

Discord is a very useful communication / community application, and is very popular among gamers. It's often used by cryptocurrency & NFT projects as a central hub for their community, including Authic!

Discord user metrics (https://discord.com/company)

* 150 million
active users / month
* 19 million active servers / week
* 4 billion conversation minutes / day

It's popularity sadly makes it a prime target for scammers, hackers, and other malicious actors, but you are in the right place to prevent anything from happening!

Discord Safety Center Image

(Image by Discord, click on the image to visit their safety center)

I think I have been hacked, what do I do?

There's a few steps you need to take to recover your account if you think your account is compromised.

  1. Reset your password.
    1. Choose a strong password, and do not use the same password anywhere else.
    2. Resetting your password also generates a new account token, which means that all other devices lose their access.
  1. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
    1. To find this setting, click on the little gear icon in the bottom left next to your name & profile picture. The first screen will have the setting, like so:Discord Settings 2FA
    2. You'll need to download Google Authenticator, or Authy on your mobile device. Use the app's QR scanner on the QR code provided by Discord.
      Discord 2FA QR Code

How do I secure my Discord account?

There's a few things you can do to make your account & device more secure when using Discord. The Discord User Trust & Safety team is also constantly working on newer solutions for a safer user experience.

  • Use a strong password, which is not used on other websites.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
    • Prevent access to your account, even if the login information is compromised.
    • Consider also enabling 2FA on the email account ✉️ associated with your Discord account!
  • Direct messaging (DM) options you should enable:
      • Discord DM scanning settingsSafe direct messaging setting
        • Allow Discord to scan inbound DMs, and remove flagged DMs.
      • Direct messaging global privacy setting
        • Discord DM settingsThis setting only allows your friends to DM you. Direct messages are where most threats will occur, so it's advised to enable this.
      • Spoopy link filter
        • If you choose to allow strangers to send you DMs, then it is advised to enable this setting. It will filter suspicious links, and warn you when opening links sent by non-friends in DMs.
      • Don't be afraid to block a user when needed!

The Authic team is also always available to handle any issues / scams you might encounter on Discord, just create a support ticket on Discord or use the regular contact channels!

We strive for a safe & fun experience for everyone, bad actors will be dealt with!

💡  If you are looking for a super in-depth guide on Discord safety & privacy, then you should have a look at this article by Discord!

How can I securely run my Discord server?

Securing your personal / business Discord server is a little more technical, as you have to deal with a variety of issues.

  • Use the new community moderation tools!
    • Discord released "AutoMod" on June 16, 2022, check out their announcement blog post and frequently asked questions (FAQ)!
    • AutoMod is a moderation bot by Discord that will take some moderation work off your hands, your new best friend in server moderation!

  • Implement a 3rd party moderation bot.
    • The most common & user-friendly moderation bot is MEE6.

💡    I also recommend Wick bot, which recently released version V4!

⚠️  Make sure you have the bot(s) set-up correctly!

  • Set a verification level to your liking

  • Be careful with permissions.
    • You should really double check the roles you create their permissions, and also when creating channels.
    • Be mindful of giving strangers important permissions, they could have malicious intentions!
    • For further help, read the Discord support article "Role Management 101"
  • Do not add random Discord bots, these could be malicious!
  • Team members need to have 2FA enabled & secure their devices.
    • Force your team to enable 2FA with this setting.
  • Consider scanning & filtering NSFW / 18+ media


Can I get free Nitro or Server boosts?

Any person / account promising you free Discord Nitro, or server boosts, is probably trying to get your account details, or is trying to get you to install a virus.

Nitro is a premium membership subscription offered by Discord, with a few benefits like higher quality video settings, higher limits on uploads, animated emoji, and more.

Server boosts are purchased as a token of appreciation for the server, and servers which have been boosted gain some perks. Server boosting FAQ.

Discord does offer free 30 day Nitro subscriptions, but it will never be in a DM. See this article for more info on these offers.

Malware / viruses

Discord allows users to share files & links, and has it's own virus scanner to check those files, but it cannot catch every malicious file. 

So, always be careful when downloading files shared on Discord, the most common malware would be:

  • Keyloggers
  • Remote Administration Tools (RATs)
  • Ransomware

Malware & viruses can be hidden in all kinds of files & links, such as images / videos, Word documents, games, scripts, and more!

Always be careful of what links you click on, and what files you download.